Reefview Apartments Cades Bay, Antigua, West Indies


Nick and Karoll Williams, both originate from the UK and between them have over 25 years worth of widely varying experience living in the West Indies.

Nick's background is as a commercially endorsed Yacht master and engineer - and he was first lured to Antigua to oversee the smooth running of Sunsail's then largest beach club, with the prospect of Christmas in the sunshine being infinitely more appealing than the alternative - back home in England.

Although it was originally only a 6 week contract, it quickly became apparent that Nick had found the place he would ultimately call home for the next decade.

Nick's wife Karoll, on the other hand, had sampled the delights of a couple of West Indian islands, before finally settling in Antigua. She was formerly a Vice President for Lancome International Skin care in London, with her specialty in Sales and Marketing, she was now eager to escape the cut and thrust of the Cosmetics Industry which had brought her much success.

Nick and Karoll were married on a charming little deserted island called Prickly Pear - just off Antigua's North Shore, and from there embarked upon the journey that would ultimately lead to the creation of ReefView.

"All along - with our backgrounds in travel, hospitality and service - we hoped to create a little piece of paradise that is the quintessential, real Caribbean. However rather than merely unleash our unsuspecting guests upon the Island - it is our hope that with our combined knowledge we can tailor the perfect holiday to any group or given individual's needs."

Both Nick and Karoll are passionate about Antigua's nature and its environment. ReefView's location, close to a small local fishing village near a stretch of sandy undisturbed beach, in itself offers a superb platform from which to observe some of the island's pristine coastal habitats, and they have assembled an impressive array of 'toys' with which to observe it up close and personal - from yachts with snorkeling and dive gear, to sea kayaks and powered 'James Bond style' sea scooters.

Nick is a knowledgeable and highly observant guide and simple a walk up the beach with him can be an eye-opening experience with its abundant bird and sea life. And for the more adventurous, he runs personalized kayak and "catch and release" fishing expeditions deep into the mangroves to observe this amazing ecosystem firsthand and perhaps have the chance to do battle with sizeable Snapper and the mighty Tarpon of the coastal flats.

Karoll is the green fingered champion of the two, and she is most likely to be found tending to her beloved garden, most of which has been carefully nurtured from seeds and cuttings taken from here and there over the years. Alternatively fantastic smells may indicate she is cooking up a storm in the kitchen where she excels as a gourmet chef. If you are so laid back that the very idea of cooking for yourself is disdainful, you may sample the fruits of her labors in the "Octopus' Garden" Bar and Restaurant when it is open for business.

"Immersed in tropical flowers, serviced by prolific numbers of hummingbirds on the one side and with its stunning views - out over the sea on the other, at ReefView we hope we have created an environment where our guests immediately feel relaxed."

"You may do as much or as little as you wish, but everyone should feel safe in the knowledge that anything you may need is close at hand. We will do everything in our power to ensure everyone enjoys their dream Antiguan getaway from start to finish. If you need something, you need only ask. Welcome home - you are part of the family!"

Karoll and Nick Williams
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